» » Butt naked and strung up

Butt naked and strung up

Butt naked and strung up

Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish

Butt naked and strung up in the out building is where we find . The wrist of one arm is pulled up and attached to the ceiling. She can barely place one big toe onto the floor. She does have another option, however. The very small, very short metal post mounted just below her. It is capped with copper and electrified. If she wants respite from that arm being pulled , indeed her whole body pulled , she can rest one foot on that metal post. We watch as her long, lithe body strains under the weight of itself. She moves one foot to the post and then the next. She can’t balance and routinely finds herself swaying and catching her bound arm with her free one. Adding to her discomfort a tight crotch rope is applied, looping ultimately around her neck and tied off in the back. It digs deeply into her cunt. She whimpers as I walk away, clearly in more distress than before. You can see on her face she knows she will be tested. It is a slow cracking of her spirit. Where she first seemed in control and ready for anything she now starts to break. Her breathing grows more and more labored and at times she releases a moan or whimper she didn’t know wanted out. She looks up at her bound wrist above her head with desperation. Anguish envelopes her countenance. When the power gets turned on to her little support post she writhes. Her whimpers turn into a cacophony of movement, sounds and pain. What little relief she could obtain from the short post now comes at a desperate price. Sweat beads on her forehead and runs down her sides. Her look of desperation now complete. She tries to muster one last bit of self control and then it is done: She is broken and the tears begin to fall.

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Butt naked and strung up Butt naked and strung up
Butt naked and strung up Butt naked and strung up

Butt naked and strung up
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Butt naked and strung up
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