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Salute To Bishop

Salute To Bishop

Studio: Jayedwards

While preparing for a shoot with Jay, Shannon decides to get herself in the mood by perusing bondage drawings on his computer. Finding herself fascinated by a specific set of drawings, she asks Jay about them. He explains that these pieces were done by renowned bondage artist Bishop. Despite his warnings that the positions depicted in the artwork would be very difficult on her, Shannon decides she wants to recreate the drawings on video. What follows are five incredible scenes of Jays most energetic model, enduring scenarios straight from the mind of Bishop! Jay works very hard to duplicate the artists intricate drawings, giving Shannon (and us) a bit of Bishop history along the way. With her elbows hooked over a bar, she strains on kneepoint. A one-legged leaping position is made extreme when Jay crops her ass and hoists her up into a full suspension! A head-harnessing ballgag chained to the ceiling keeps Shannon upright...then Jay adds a series of spreader bars to connect one of her legs to her collar. She is overwhelmed. Finally, Shannon mewls in frustration as shes kept wobbling on one tender knee. Amazing stuff! After the story we are treated to three super-sexy scenes of busty blonde Carolyn in tight ropework including breast bondage on her huge tits! And as if all that werent enough, we also get a very special bonus scene. Remember sweet slave Rita and her awesome nipples? Well, shes back, performing for Jay in a personal training session!

Format: avi

Duration: 1:26:46

Video: 512x340, DivX 5, 376kbps

Audio: 125kbps

Salute To Bishop Salute To Bishop
Salute To Bishop Salute To Bishop

Salute To Bishop
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Salute To Bishop
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4-08-2015, 14:30
Category: Jay Edwards
Tags: Bondage

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