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Spicy Luna

Spicy Luna

Studio: QueenSnake

Video language: English

Luna likes it spicy - at least that's what she said. Poor Luna did not know that I like it even more spicy! The new recipe - green hot pepper mixed with some original tabasco sauce - proved to be unexpectedly powerful: the air in the room was full of capsaicin especially after using some compressed gas cleaner to make her pain more intense and making all of us coughing lol.
At one point we had to stop the shooting because Luna felt sick and then she spent more than 2 hours in the bathroom crying and trembling in burning pain. It's a pity that this part had to happen behind the scenes...
After all the intense pain she could cum twice and she was genuinely grateful in the "happy end".

Spicy Luna Spicy Luna
Spicy Luna Spicy Luna

Spicy Luna

Spicy Luna
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4-02-2014, 18:58
Category: QueenSnake

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