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20 year old Kyaa showed up to The Attic on a cold, snowy April morning. She was quite nervous about her trip in. So nervous in fact, she didnt sleep much the night before. While she plays with bondage in her personal life she has never done anything with strangers –are we strangers? I bet we wont be by the end of the day.After her interview we get her in the Luther worship position. Funny thing here, before she got started worshipping Luther I had her let her hair down. The difference was amazing. She took on an entirely new countenance. Lovely. I chained her in place for her time with Luther. I must say, she gave us some very good action here. Some of the best. So tall and lanky yet she could swallow that girth effortlessly. She easily had it up to a three and then would hold it. Gag on it. Shed steady herself, remaining at that three, yet, be gagging at the same time. It was a lovely noise. Zed said we should make that into a ring tone. At one point, she gagged so hard this huge tear rolled out of the corner of her right eye and fell down her cheek. Thats dedication folks. If you like a chick that gives it their all when blowing Luther this is some of the best footage weve shot. An Olympian effort with allot of noise.

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Kyaa Kyaa
Kyaa Kyaa

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28-01-2015, 00:49
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