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Shrink (Tyler)

Shrink (Tyler)

Studio: Insex

Some simple bondage leads to severe torture. And poor tyler has only herself to blame.

Fully clothed and unfettered, she is tossed a butt plug and instructed to insert it. Groaning, she f0rces the long plug up her tight hole.

After stripping off her sundress and panties, she continues binding herself, fastening a metal collar onto her neck and strapping on a metal bit gag. She pinches her pink nipples with clothespins then locks cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Rendered helpless by her own doing, she languishes miserably with neck pulled down towards feet.

Mercifully, PD throws tyler a key, granting her permission to set herself free. After fumbling with the cuffs behind her back, she plucks the pins off her tits, spits out the gag, and pulls the plug out of her ass.

PD takes over then, binding his victim in a harsh clam tie. Tipped onto her back, her vulnerable pussy is penetrated with Mr. Pogo.

A noose balances her in a precarious seated position. Vibrator working on her sensitive clit, she strangles under the pressure of the taut leather.

Legs bent and spread with a bar at the ankles, she is hoisted into an agonizing suspension. Back arched gracefully and arms pulled tightly together in strappado, she is a beautiful suffering ornament primed for PD’s play. Tied securely to a chair, she is prepped for packaging. Her body is wrapped in cellophane; a thick breathing tube is stuffed in her mouth. A heat gun shrinks the plastic, warming it thoroughly to cling to her smooth skin.

PD takes advantage of tyler’s conveniently exposed pussy, flogging it till it’s red and fondling her hard, swollen clit.

Next she is hogtied on a bed with legs splayed open. Neck and toes are secured to a bar above, ensuring immobility; a cleave gag silences her groans of discomfort. Flipped onto her back in the same hogtie, she grinds and moans seductively as PD rubs her throbbing cunt.

In the final scene, tyler is strung up in an inverted suspension, dangling from a pipe device. Face flushed, she shrieks and whines as the vibrator attacks her painfully pinched clit.

Format: real

Duration: 51:28

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Shrink (Tyler) Shrink (Tyler)
Shrink (Tyler) Shrink (Tyler)

Shrink (Tyler)
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Shrink (Tyler)
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