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Though 101 perseveres through many punishments and trials in the second day of her Extreme Feed, her greatest test is one of endurance. Day number two is a succession of lengthy ordeals separated by periods of severe confinement. She begins her day lying in a long coffin-like cage.

101s first ordeal is a series of rigorous calisthenics during which her generous breasts become a focal feature as they bounce and swing. Mistakes in counting or procedure result in cane strokes. During the push-ups, tacks are placed upright on the floor beneath the droop of her tits. Leg lifts must be accomplished with her legs spread so that we enjoy a full view of 101s moist pussy.

Then comes feeding. Her elbows are wrenched behind and held in place with a leather strap. Wrists, ankles, and knees are also strapped. She lies flat to the floor. A bowl of food is placed nearby. She worms her way toward it. The gooey gruel sticks to her cheeks and chin. Then water is poured into her bowl. She sucks and laps it up. Afterward, she is locked into a small cage where she sits, her knees practically at her chin.

Time passes. She is released in order to piss into the same bowl from which she ate. Urine pours from between her labia, splashing outward. 101 must lick every drop from the floor as punishment for sloppiness.

An extended ordeal follows in which 101 is under the control of a female Dominant. 101 is tied and put on her knees. The spider gag is fitted into her mouth. 101 is fucked in the mouth with a dildo in harness. She is then strapped to a platform upon her back, her legs splayed and raised upward. She is douched through the use of a tube, made to from her own vagina. Drips of water slip out, running into her ass. 101 is then bent over the platform and fucked from behind with that big female cock. From beneath, we can see the opening and closing of her labia as the dildo spears her over and over. An ass plug is inserted and she is fucked again, her bound breasts dangling, swaying in time with the pounding shes taking at the rear.

The Dominant sits on a chair, ing wine and fucking 101 with the long heel of her boot. To finish the scene, 101 is tied onto her back again, her legs splayed wide. She endures two labia piercings. Afterward, an electric prod is touched to the needles imbedded in her flesh. 101 screams and cries. The scene ends with a view of her distended clitoris, red, swollen, her outer labia skewered with needles.

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