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33 Live

Studio: Insex

During her Live Feed, 33 sweats it out through a series of endurance tests as she’s strangled, shocked, and roasted. Not one, but two decorations, 423 and Sage, share some of 33’s agony, but also some of the pleasure in an explosion of orgasms and screams of delight.

The show begins with all three girls, still luscious and fresh, standing in heels, arms bound back, with straps tight around their necks to keep them on their toes. They languish this way, strangling.

After a hogtie, 33 is fit with a strangling collar and set upon a sharp edge of wood that digs into her pussy. Nipple clamps with electrodes tighten upon her nipples. A brutal interrogation scene follows. 33, crying and screeching at the shocks (some of them quite evil) tells all, but is found to be lying. Her dread grows as the intensity of each shock increases. She begins to disintegrate. 423 is stretched upon the rack and tortured instead of 33. Her feet are caned without mercy. 33 must eventually take her punishment. And 423 is given her first round of orgasms for the night.

Ropes bound about their necks and electrodes applied to their nipples, 33 and 423 must stay on their toes. Lowering results in a shock. They are tickled, pinched, and caned. 33 jerks as current pulses to her nipples.

33 is placed into a new, transforming cunt box. A pan of fuel is set alight beneath her. Flames leap upward, cooking her in her metal oven. Afterward, she gets a pussy flogging and Mr. Pogo fucks her. She’s vibrated and fucked to over, and over, and over.

Format: real

Duration: 1:22:56

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

33 Live 33 Live
33 Live 33 Live

33 Live
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33 Live
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