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Insex - 813's Test - 813

Insex - 813's Test - 813

Release Year: 2003

Studio: Insex

Cast: 813

Genres: BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

Because several members have suggested some self-bondage in the site, 813 is introduced in her first scene by tying herself to a chair. She is given a sheet of instructions which she must follow. As she begins to tie her ankle to the chair leg, she gives her measurements, the most surprising being that she has 36C breasts. One would think at least a 36D. Once her legs are secured, she must apply clamps to each of her labia and tie them so that her fleshy pussy is displayed. She has ample outer labia, the inner flesh flushed already. Once her chest is tied to the chair back, she lifts her supposed C cups out of her top. They are firm, nicely rounded, and full. Nipple clamps are tightened into place. As she straps in the gag and works with the handcuffs, the nipple clamps come loose and she has to constantly re-attach them. She slips the blindfold over her eyes and locks the cuffs on her wrists. Uh-oh. She was supposed to do it behind the back. Punishment later?

813 lies on her back on the floor, naked now, her wrists tied to her ankles so that her calves are folded back beneath her thighs. A harness on her upper body binds her breasts. They look even better this way, taut from the rope, perfect globes. A harness at her pelvis, replete with a crotch rope, is attached to a pulley. She is suspended at the cunt. The pressure on the split crotch rope squeezes her fattened labia so that they protrude outward, a thick wad of female flesh, like a handhold. Another rope is added, pulling her ankles back toward her shoulders, increasing the arch in her back. 813 is introduced to Mr. Pogo, that menacing black prod. It goes in and out with ease. The sharp V of her clit, exposed by the ministrations of Mr. Pogo, is fair game for a vibrator.

She is tied to a piece of equipment made of metal pipe, her knees raised as though she is in a chair that has been laid upon its back. Her wrists are tied back and down to the bottom rung. The ropes are then brought up to her ankles. A hook slips into her ass and is tied to her hair. When she asks what’s happening, the answer given is that another anchor point is being created. She struggles, her back arching, her body writhing, her breasts going this way and that. The fucking machine is put in place. It starts slow, but soon revs to a good pace. She moans, unable to affect her situation. Lube is slicked over her breasts. Vacuum tubes suck them far into the throats of the tubes. A spider gag keeps her mouth open and a dildo is shoved in, much to her dismay. The vibrator hums against her slit, giving a red inner glow set off against the darkened labial skin.

813 stands behind to a post. She wears high heels. Her breasts are bound to the post, as are her knee, thigh, and one ankle. Her arms and wrists are bound behind her. Her neck is cinched to the pole. When the cinch is tightened, she makes a little sob-like sound of dismay. The pulley raises her right ankle to shoulder height. Then her knee is bound to her chest. She is wonderfully vulnerable and open. A caning commences on the inside of her thigh, just below her cunt, then her pussy, which is struck repeatedly. She weeps and cries out. Her breasts are caned. The high heel is removed from her foot. The cane slaps hard against the sole. Mr. Pogo penetrates 813’s cunt. She cries harder. Her pussy has become a wrinkled mass of swelled folds. She is smacked with a paint stick, which breaks on her ass. It slaps the fleshy orbs of her breasts. White fluid drips from her pussy, like drool.

Format: real

Duration: 47:50

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - 813's Test - 813 Insex - 813's Test - 813
Insex - 813's Test - 813 Insex - 813's Test - 813

Insex - 813's Test - 813
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Insex - 813's Test - 813
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