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Cunt Face Live Feed Raw Spacegirl

Cunt Face Live Feed Raw Spacegirl

Studio: Insex Archives

RAW FeedTheres this game she played with the neighbor girl. Fumbling with shoelaces and string, the young innocents would tie each other up and imagine all the evil things a kidnapper could do to them. Eighteen years later, to the delight of Insex members around the world, spacegirl finds herself playing a similar game. Of course, the rules have changed since then. Bound and gagged with hose clamps, she sits on the studio floor, a cable noose pulling at the neck.After an hour of languishing in the unforgiving metal, PD encourages the members to participate in her humiliation. Flexall burning her freshly shaved cunt, she is bombarded with insults. Once another hour has passed, the humiliation session ceases. PD beats rhythmically at her tits then allows the brave a brief rest before the real action begins. At show time PD releases spacegirl from her bondage and strips off her red cocktail dress. He ties her with legs bent and spread. Squatting atop two boxes, she pees into a pail. On her back, a speculum stretches her tight pussy wide for inspection. Her mouth is filled with a sponge gag; cotton clogs her nostrils. PD controls her air intake, squeezing and releasing a long breathing tube. In spite of her short air supply, spacegirl comes quickly at the touch of the vibrator. Unfortunately, she forgot to ask for permission. She is punished for her crime: cane strokes to her sensitive ass and thighs. Rolling on the concrete helplessly, she sobs and begs for forgiveness. The grates of the high metal chair PD shackles her to next dig into her welted flesh. Tits are primed for torture, squeezed between two iron bars. She screams hysterically as he pushes needles slowly through her taut nipples. Blood trickles from the wounds as PD canes her trapped titties. Restrained in wooden stocks, she is given some training with the cane. PD warms her up with the elephants trunk. She flinches and wails each time the thick leather contacts her pearly white skin. PD seats her on the apparatus and orders her to accept his cane strokes. Silently, she absorbs the blows to her exposed, vulnerable backside. She is rewarded for her discipline, the eroscillator applied to her throbbing clit. Within thirty seconds, she comes. Luckily for her, this time she remembers to ask first.

Format: real

Duration: 2:20:29

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Cunt Face Live Feed Raw Spacegirl Cunt Face Live Feed Raw Spacegirl
Cunt Face Live Feed Raw Spacegirl Cunt Face Live Feed Raw Spacegirl

Cunt Face Live Feed Raw Spacegirl
File size: 228.0 MB

Cunt Face Live Feed Raw Spacegirl
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