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Raw FeedLike a diapered newborn in her highchair, 412 fidgets restlessly, anxious to come out and play. Metal restraining her absolutely around the neck and wrists, she fixes her makeup chained to the station.Metal boots tightened at the bottom crush her finely arched feet, causing her large eyes to glaze with tears. With a rubber brake laced over neck and mouth, she is f0rced to gulp water that drips into her mouth through a long tube.Brought to a stand and supported by a pulley, she balances in treacherous heels. A posture collar pulled tight restricts airflow, bringing a bright red color to her fair skin.Long, firm flanks straddling two wooden beams, the posture collar continues to strangle. A speculum opening cunt wide, she attempts to aim her piss into a pail.PD takes advantage of 412s position, caning her vulnerably exposed ass and pussy. Struggling against the painful blows, she pulls at the neck, choking herself.A large dildo is f0rced into her cunt and the interrogation begins. 412 answers a series of questions from the members and PD, receiving electric shocks when her responses are not satisfactory. After mopping up her misdirected piss with a rag in her mouth, she is suspended by her wrists. Long lithe body is stretched with curved feet balanced delicately on a weighted ball. Maintaining this difficult position, she receives several cane strokes, hardly making a sound as the wood contacts her smooth skin. Tenderized ass resting on a metal chair, arms and legs are secured with tape and cunt is anchored to a dildo. Castration bands are snapped onto her small, perky nipples and breasts are suctioned into tight, swollen bulbs. With a sack over her head, she cannot watch as her tits are tortured with the elephants trunk, kebab sticks, and cane. When it is removed, she sniffles, tears streaming down her cheeks. Rewarded for her stoic submission, she is finally allowed to cum. After two f0rced orgasms, the eroscillator is torturous on her sensitized clit. Screeching and squealing, she pleads for it to stop. But once the torture has finally ended, she begs to come back for more.

Format: real

Duration: 2:33:44

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Live Feed Raw 412 Live Feed Raw 412
Live Feed Raw 412 Live Feed Raw 412

Live Feed Raw 412
File size: 249.5 MB

Live Feed Raw 412
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23-05-2015, 03:50
Category: Insex
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